Round 13: Mini Roos Results

Our Mini Roo results for Round 13 around the ground brought to you by our major sponsors Smart Choice Dental, Malaga Real Estate and WestWaters Hotel & Entertainment Complex.

u7 Kangaroos v Williamstown: Loss 3-0 u7 Wallabies v Westpoint: Loss 3-0  u8 Kanagroos v Point Cook: 2-2 u8 Wallabies: Forfeited  U9 Wallabies v Avondale: Loss 4-1 u9 Kangaroos v Green Gully: Loss 1-0 u9 Kangaroos v Westpoint: Win 3-0 u10 Wallabies v Altona City: Win 6-0 u10 Joeys v Williamstown: Win 8-0 u10 Kangaroos v Melton: Win 5-2 u11 Kangaroos v Avondale: Win 3-0  u11 Kangaroos v William Landing: Loss 5-1 U11 Kangaroo Red v Altona City: Win 4-1 u11 Wallabies v Westpoint: Loss 2-1 | 46 City Vista Ct, Plumpton VIC 3335, Australia

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